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OMG. I finally have a lj. I mean, I've been meaning to make one for like the past year or something...(or ever since I saw my friend's lj). Now that I've spent like two hours on making this lj presentable, I guess I should start my bio homework. The Bio Nazi gave out another pile of work. It's absolutely ridiculous. I mean, how am I ever going to finish a lab, a newspaper for protists, two work packets, and study for a quiz all by Monday? Not to mention all that darn Spanish work that'll probably take like another bajillion hours...

hmmm...I should probably start my homework except I want to watch this stupid Korean Drama. Dammit! It's uber fustrating. What the heck?! The girl has like the hottest guy in love with her and she's all obsessed with this other stuck-up prick who's supposed to be her cousin! Augh...(이준기 너무 멋있는거 아냐?)

뭐, 믹키유천 만큼은 아니지만...우와! 믹키 넘멋있어! 헉, 혹시 사랑? Nah, more like an infatuation, I think?

너무나 이쁜 수진이가...<3
(haha, jk!)
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Kya! You actually got one! :HUGS: Your userpage kinda threw me off for a second though, too much korean... LOL Forgot about your Korean revolution for a sec. Nice layout ^^

....It's the second day of break and you're thinking of hw?!? CRAZY.
haha, yeah, i thought you'd be like what? its just that i finally learned how to type in Korean and was like, OMG, this is so cool. haha. this darn layout took like a bajillion hours to make...i forgot all my html and global heads and everything. had to get help from some of my friends...-.-