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Drunken Tiger

I've had like the weirdest thing happen to me today...A DRUNKEN TIGER revival! I was like, WTF? All of a sudden, I'm listening to classic DT songs like Return of the Tiger and Sweet Talk. Gosh, I forgot like all the lyrics. I used to be a DT rapping phenomenon (Except I sounded pretty stupid doing "Upon the Reggae is bam bam" because my voice is so unlike DJ Shine's, or feminine. No duh).

Then I went through almost every single DT video at YouTube. It's rather pathetic. This Drunken Tiger revival is like one of the most random things ever, except for that really weird period when I was obssessed momentarily with Dragonball GT or Sechkies.

I was like the weirdest Korean fangirl ever with my cousin, Annie. Me and my cousins spent hours learning all those corny Korean dance routines from back in the nineties, esp. H.O.T, Jekki, S.E.S, Shinhwa, Spice Girls...etc.

Remember them?

Oh, and we used to memorize all the lyrics for those groups. Like, I have all five H.O.T albums memorized perfectly (even the stupid little things that aren't even written on the booklet), and can dance to Warrior's Descendent, Candy, We Are The Future, Happiness, Line Up, Hope, Git it Up, IYAH, and Outside Castle (Mostly Woohyuk and Heejun's parts because I was the 'best dancer' but mainly because I can't sing for life).

Don't even get me started on all the other Kpop groups...

We had a lot of time on our hands, now that I think about it.

And this is silly but I actually started to learn the dances for DBSK and memorize all their lyrics. But DBSK is put on hold momentarily by my hip-hop, rapping revival. I'm actually pretty good at DT and have most of Return of the Tiger (Korean Version) done. I'm working on I Want You right now...

check out DT's musics videos here:
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