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Ugly Celebrities Piss Me Off...

This is going to sound very shallow and superficial but whatever. My incoherent rant against unworthy celebrities.


I mean, really? Who wants to see ugly people in movies and dramas and ads?!?!?! I can just look out the window and see all the unattractive or rather, normal/cute people I want! When I turn on the television or go to the movies, I expect to see my money's worth. Something extraordinary. And no, I DO NOT want to see ugly people.

(Granted there are a few exceptions, being: 1. the very funny/witty comedian or 2. the insanely talented. Any by talented, I'm not talking about actresses that can cry on screen easily or be "convincing". The talent I'm talking about is something more amazing, like Katherine Hepburn and Marlon Brando or more recently, Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep. Dakokta Fanning and Haley Joe Osmet. Where the performance is so astounding, phenomenal, and just rave-worthy that their performance is remembered and talked about even decades after the awards have been given. The celebrity that earns the respect and diginity through talent and talent alone are celebrities I tolerate, admire even despite their physical flaws.)

And its the same for singers. Don't waste my time if you're not good-looking if your vocals are just "good". If I wanted to hear music that's slightly better than mediocre, I can just go to my group of friends. My friend Tiffany can sing better than half the "good" ugly singers out there in the industry. My guy friends Seung and David were bestowed with angel voices, I swear (look up Ridgefield Memorial High School on YouTube if you don't believe me). Why bother? Unless, I suppose, you are an amazing dancer. Make my watching your sad little performance worthwhile.

And its especially infuriating if they don't even compose their own music. Atleast if they compose something fantastic, it gives them some leeway for being a musician should they be ugly and cursed with a moderately good voice.

If your face is ugly, get plastic surgery. I don't really care if you're not natural just as long as you're pleasing to my eye and I'm pretty sure most of the people wouldn't really care either. If you're fat, then loose weight. Tone up your body because skinny with flappy skin is not attractive either. Take care of yourselves and don't let the paparazzi get bad pictures of you. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, UNLESS UNDER EXTREMELY PRESSURED CONDITIONS. And once again, it doesn't mean a breakup. IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING OF SIGNIFICANCE, LIKE A SERIOUS DISEASE, DEATH, DIVORCE...etc.

Call me inhumane but face it. Celebrities rake in MILLIONS in just what? An Ad Campaign? RIDICULOUS. For what? They better keep up their appearance because if their sole job is to look good, then they are ridiculously overpaid. And I don't really give a crap if they "have no privacy." If I'm correct, THEY CHOSE TO BECOME CELEBRITIES/FAMOUS OF THEIR OWN ACCORD. The first contract they signed, they've also signed away their right to be normal, ugly, fat and to be human. Celebrities are not called stars for nothing. Stars are impossible, and beautiful and flawless from Earth atleast, and if you are one, then you better be damn IMMACULATE! INSCRUTABLE!

And their clothes! If you make millions, then you better not be wearing some icky, stained, dirty white t-shirt and baggy sweats. Or tacky neon pieces that aren't really "stylish." If you can't pull together an outfit by yourself, which is quite sad considering that's all you're surrounded with, then hire a stylist and a good one. Tastefully arrange designer pieces. Be fashionable and cutting edge. It's what you're paid to do.

I mean, normal human beings, people, have the right to remain "as they are." We don't make our livelihood with just our faces and our bodies and "talent." It would be cruel and wrong to discriminate against ugly people in real life. Its a double standard, I know, but one that's fair.

Ugh...will continue tomorrow...I have to sleep now...-_-;;
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