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I have measured out my life in A.P Biology packets...a lovely qoute[(?) actually not quite but pretty darn close...] from the brilliant T.S. Eliot.

No joke, that's what it feels like...My life has dwindled down to Bio packet after bio packet after packet...oh and once in a while maybe a lab and a test and some more packets....

I swear, I can't remeber the last time I went out into the city to have fun and relax and enjoy myself and it's been a year (or rather since I started A.P bio) since I've been shopping or to a mall...
my little rant...^^

Lament of the Normal Student...Bio Quatrain 6
Bio, be not proud though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so
For those whom thou dost overthrow die not
Poor Bio, not yet canst thou kill me
(Hopefully...Grr! Bio, you are the bane of my existence, the bete noire, the anathema! Oh, and that poem is taken from the even more brilliant John Donne, and it's original title is Holy Sonnet 6...I hope I got it right, I'm doing it out of my memory...Gosh, and I wish I could remeber the poet who wrote The Lament of the Normal Child...if someone could tell me, that would be very much appreciated...^^)

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