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단지 널 사랑해 이렇게 말했지...<3

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13th April 2009

6:20pm: So he wears bvlgari black and leopard print skinny jeans. <3
he has the prettiest eyes EVER.
AND he's really tall.

30th January 2009

1:08pm: So I've heard that DBSK and Kat-tun are releasing a single on the same date: March 11. And I already half know that Kat-tun will probably pwn DBSK but I SERIOUSLY HOPE THEY DON'T.

It's going to be uber hard for DBSK to even sell half of what Kat-tun sells unless they come up with something phenomenal. And I know a lot of people are saying 'Rescue' is really good, and it is half decent compared to the rest of the garbage that is what JE music usually is (unless its from kinki kids and even then their vocal quality is CRAP) but hopefully 'Survivor' manages to get atleast 2.

(Ahahahaha I thought 'Rescue' was an all japanese song until I realized they were saying "I don't want cry alone~help me out~its a break~" and I still can't decipher what they're chanting in the middle part ahahaha!! And I thought DBSK had bad Engrish ahahahaha) <3

I think DBSK should showcase their amazing dancing and vocal quality in Japan which in that case they PWN any and all of JE's bands (and...well...they have better legs than JE boys lol but then again jj and js has heads twice the size of the average je boy so ahaha :D)

I just hope DBSK sells atleast 100+k singles so it doesn't look like total PWNage from Kat-tun. But then again I guess it equals out b/c JE boys don't have half the PR and the revenue from the rest of Asia as compared to what DBSK has. And as long as DBSK's net worth is larger than that of the JE boys I'm fine (which was proven true when Forbes published their 500 most wealthy entertainers asia list in which DBSK pwned EVERYONE except for the ahjummah pamah bae yongjoon...-_-;;)

JE I'm really sorry and I really do love you guys to pieces and I will wholeheartedly support your attempts to go out to the rest of the continent but DBSK FTWWWW~~!!!! <3 :DDD

5th November 2008

10:41pm: Another rant. For all the dumb kids who think Johnny's should stay in Japan. Because there is "no money" in the rest of Asia.

I hate people who claim artists are all about record sales. WAKE UP DARLINGS!!! THERE'S NO MONEY IN RECORDS ANYMORE!! It's all about the endorsements!! You think singers make any money off of selling a CD?!?! Off a CD, an artist makes about 2 dollars at MOST on a regularly priced CD of $20. If there are more people in your band/group, then that measly 2 dollars at MOST is divided among you.


First, the nicely printed CD in the nice case with the pretty, shiny photobooklet costs money. Just the MATERIALS involved costs money. COuple that with the price of paying the printing company. Yup. It adds up.

Next, the artist's recording company takes a HUGE chunk out of sales. And I mean HUGE. They take into account first the amount you're obliged to pay them for producing you, then the money spent on your hair, clothes, apartment, previous salaries,travel, transportation...etc. WITH interest.

Then your manager, stylist, makeup artist takes another sizable chunk of your record sales.

And then you get whatever is left over. And its not much.

So even IF you do sell 800,000 copies, it only amounts to around 1.6 million. And if you have more people in your band/group, let's say 5, then its only 320,000. (And tough luck, record sales have been on the decline since the 2000's. It's not going to get any better.) The average celebrity makes around 5 million. (Unless you're in Hollywood. But Japan is sure as hell not Hollywood, not even close to HOllywood's ass so it doesn't count.) If you're popular, then you probably rake in 10 mil. If you're Yon-Sama, then it's around 15.

So where does all that money come from?

ENDORSEMENTS!!ENDORSEMENTS YOU FOOLS!!!! And I'm not talking about cheesy local brand endorsements. Big companies like NIKE. SamSung. LG. McDonald's. Starbucks. Makeup (excluding lip gloss/balm products).

Ok, yeah so Japan has the second largest music industry in the world. WHO CARES?!?! The music industry fyi is not even considered an integral part of the economy anymore. It doesn't even account for 1% of the global economy. With continued faltering record sales, you'd have to be retarded to want to pursue music JUST for record sales if you don't even really like to make music.

SM Entertainment is INSANELY smart for promoting their artists in the rest of Asia. Ok, so China doesn't buy CDs and they like to pirate. WELL. CHINA is the largest consumer of NIKE goods (understandably, considering their massive population of 1.3 billion). NIKE pays stars an average of 30 MILLION to endorse their products. If TVXQ/DBSK has the largest fanbase in Asia, hmmm...I wonder who NIKE is going to hire to endorse their product?
1. Some boy band with a stable fanbase in Japan and tiny pockets in the rest of Asia.
2. Boy band with the largest fanbase in Asia and the most consistently recognized group in Asia.

Samsung electronics is the top leading company producing electronic goods after they ousted SONY back in 2001. They are in the top twenty global brands. AKA they are very LUCRATIVE to work for, as evidenced by all their promotions. And guess what? Guess who SAMSUNG hired as their reps?

Japan's economy has been in recession for the last twenty years. China and Korea's economy as well as that of Taiwan has been steadily rising. Economists predict by the year 2020, China;s economy will surpass even that of the USA.



I absolutely despise everyone who doesn't want Johnny's to go overseas. Why wouldn't they want to go and promote themselves in the rest of the continent?!? If you're so concerned the boys won't get the cash they deserve for working like dogs, then why the hell would you want them to stay in just Japan?!?!?

Besides, it's MUCH easier to earn money taking a few pictures and filming a 30 sec commercial than it is recording an album, learning how to perform it, and then promote it.

If you don't want to do endorsements, then tough luck. Have fun trying to scrape a living from concerts and performances, especially since Johnny's only get around 500-800 per night for a tour. THAT'S INCREDIBLY MEASLY. Even Disney girl Miley Cirrus got 10 mil for her dumb tour. ANd by 10 million, I mean purely Miley's money AFTER taxes.

That's even harder than trying to make an album.

10th March 2008

11:37pm: Ugly Celebrities Piss Me Off...
This is going to sound very shallow and superficial but whatever. My incoherent rant against unworthy celebrities.


I mean, really? Who wants to see ugly people in movies and dramas and ads?!?!?! I can just look out the window and see all the unattractive or rather, normal/cute people I want! When I turn on the television or go to the movies, I expect to see my money's worth. Something extraordinary. And no, I DO NOT want to see ugly people.

(Granted there are a few exceptions, being: 1. the very funny/witty comedian or 2. the insanely talented. Any by talented, I'm not talking about actresses that can cry on screen easily or be "convincing". The talent I'm talking about is something more amazing, like Katherine Hepburn and Marlon Brando or more recently, Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep. Dakokta Fanning and Haley Joe Osmet. Where the performance is so astounding, phenomenal, and just rave-worthy that their performance is remembered and talked about even decades after the awards have been given. The celebrity that earns the respect and diginity through talent and talent alone are celebrities I tolerate, admire even despite their physical flaws.)

And its the same for singers. Don't waste my time if you're not good-looking if your vocals are just "good". If I wanted to hear music that's slightly better than mediocre, I can just go to my group of friends. My friend Tiffany can sing better than half the "good" ugly singers out there in the industry. My guy friends Seung and David were bestowed with angel voices, I swear (look up Ridgefield Memorial High School on YouTube if you don't believe me). Why bother? Unless, I suppose, you are an amazing dancer. Make my watching your sad little performance worthwhile.

And its especially infuriating if they don't even compose their own music. Atleast if they compose something fantastic, it gives them some leeway for being a musician should they be ugly and cursed with a moderately good voice.

If your face is ugly, get plastic surgery. I don't really care if you're not natural just as long as you're pleasing to my eye and I'm pretty sure most of the people wouldn't really care either. If you're fat, then loose weight. Tone up your body because skinny with flappy skin is not attractive either. Take care of yourselves and don't let the paparazzi get bad pictures of you. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, UNLESS UNDER EXTREMELY PRESSURED CONDITIONS. And once again, it doesn't mean a breakup. IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING OF SIGNIFICANCE, LIKE A SERIOUS DISEASE, DEATH, DIVORCE...etc.

Call me inhumane but face it. Celebrities rake in MILLIONS in just what? An Ad Campaign? RIDICULOUS. For what? They better keep up their appearance because if their sole job is to look good, then they are ridiculously overpaid. And I don't really give a crap if they "have no privacy." If I'm correct, THEY CHOSE TO BECOME CELEBRITIES/FAMOUS OF THEIR OWN ACCORD. The first contract they signed, they've also signed away their right to be normal, ugly, fat and to be human. Celebrities are not called stars for nothing. Stars are impossible, and beautiful and flawless from Earth atleast, and if you are one, then you better be damn IMMACULATE! INSCRUTABLE!

And their clothes! If you make millions, then you better not be wearing some icky, stained, dirty white t-shirt and baggy sweats. Or tacky neon pieces that aren't really "stylish." If you can't pull together an outfit by yourself, which is quite sad considering that's all you're surrounded with, then hire a stylist and a good one. Tastefully arrange designer pieces. Be fashionable and cutting edge. It's what you're paid to do.

I mean, normal human beings, people, have the right to remain "as they are." We don't make our livelihood with just our faces and our bodies and "talent." It would be cruel and wrong to discriminate against ugly people in real life. Its a double standard, I know, but one that's fair.

Ugh...will continue tomorrow...I have to sleep now...-_-;;

18th July 2006

11:23am: AP results came in like aeons ago but I didn't show my father until he found it like yesterday (either that or my mother slipped it to him...T.T) He was like, "did you really get that spanish award at your school? because if then, your school's really pitiful!" Then he was like, "I hope you never see your Spanish teachers again because then you'll die of embarassment!"

I literally felt like crawling under a rock and dying. (I got a 2 in Spanish and it was just like, augh!)

Well, atleast I'm finally home (for once!), but with some strange stomach virus. I keep having to vomit but nothing comes out so I'm on a strict jook and ginger ale diet. It must have been from that barbeque on sunday for my friend's graduation because I had like five pounds of steak no kidding and like ten german sausages!(It didn't help that I binged the next day on McDonalds and Naeng Myun and all sorts of junk food like Pop Tarts the whole day!) So now I just roll around in the living room with my laptop, running to the toilet every once in a while...Might go see a doctor, not sure, but i do have to get my vaccinations done and handed in to rutgers by the end of july.

Now all I'm hoping for is that I'll get better by next week because next week I have to go to Six Flags and Mountain Creek, the Poconos and white water rafting. =).

HEY, ANYONE WHO STILL HAS TO GET REIMBURSED FOR THE AP TESTS!Let's go get our money back togehter! I haven't seen anyone from our school since I went in to pick up my diploma and that time that I saw Harold working in Shoprite doesn't count...

Current Mood: bleh...

15th May 2006


OMG, I have this HUGE H.O.T revival! It's totally HUGE! I've gone crazy, taking out all my old cd's, poring through all my old magazines, downloading mv's, perf., concerts...

Man, I miss those good old days...

KANGTA LOVE FOREVER! (even if he is kinda old and a bit saggy now...T.T)
Current Mood: H.O.T!!!!!!!

5th April 2006

1:28am: gah....
I have measured out my life in A.P Biology packets...a lovely qoute[(?) actually not quite but pretty darn close...] from the brilliant T.S. Eliot.

No joke, that's what it feels like...My life has dwindled down to Bio packet after bio packet after packet...oh and once in a while maybe a lab and a test and some more packets....

I swear, I can't remeber the last time I went out into the city to have fun and relax and enjoy myself and it's been a year (or rather since I started A.P bio) since I've been shopping or to a mall...
my little rant...^^

Lament of the Normal Student...Bio Quatrain 6
Bio, be not proud though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so
For those whom thou dost overthrow die not
Poor Bio, not yet canst thou kill me
(Hopefully...Grr! Bio, you are the bane of my existence, the bete noire, the anathema! Oh, and that poem is taken from the even more brilliant John Donne, and it's original title is Holy Sonnet 6...I hope I got it right, I'm doing it out of my memory...Gosh, and I wish I could remeber the poet who wrote The Lament of the Normal Child...if someone could tell me, that would be very much appreciated...^^)

Current Mood: I hate bio...

11th March 2006

8:34pm: Hmmm...I haven't been very diligent in keeping this lj...Anyway, I just felt like ranting on how much I love Alex Sumemrs right now! I mean, he's so hot in Uncanny X Men, Sacred Vows I and II! Grrr...I actually like the Alex and Annie couple but I hear that relationship is very, VERY shortlived and he falls in love with Polaris/Lorna Dane again...Lorna is a whore, I swear!First Alex, then Bobby then Gambit! Grr...
Current Mood: ALEX!

25th February 2006


Wow, can you believe someone actually made that? It's all made of Junki's pics! That's dedication. As much as I like him, I don't think I'll be able to make that.I mean, look at it! That person had to make sure every single little picture of Junki fit in together and make the picture. Gosh! Though if they made a puzzle out of it, I think I would have done it. Wow. 

Anyway, he is soooo super duper hot! Especially in the Grace mv by Lee Soo Young...
Here's the link:

Now I have to get back to bio...grrr... I hate that subject! It's just all memorization and everything, and the tests are so hard, and who gives a crap about the Kreb's Cycyle or Photosynthesis? The only good thing about bio is that it brings environmental awarness and it helps finds cures and whatnot...

Ok, so bio is important, just not interesting....Argh, and stupid Skoblar! Why can't he do anything on his own? Grrr....

Current Mood: chipper

22nd February 2006

12:17pm: Drunken Tiger
I've had like the weirdest thing happen to me today...A DRUNKEN TIGER revival! I was like, WTF? All of a sudden, I'm listening to classic DT songs like Return of the Tiger and Sweet Talk. Gosh, I forgot like all the lyrics. I used to be a DT rapping phenomenon (Except I sounded pretty stupid doing "Upon the Reggae is bam bam" because my voice is so unlike DJ Shine's, or feminine. No duh).

Then I went through almost every single DT video at YouTube. It's rather pathetic. This Drunken Tiger revival is like one of the most random things ever, except for that really weird period when I was obssessed momentarily with Dragonball GT or Sechkies.

I was like the weirdest Korean fangirl ever with my cousin, Annie. Me and my cousins spent hours learning all those corny Korean dance routines from back in the nineties, esp. H.O.T, Jekki, S.E.S, Shinhwa, Spice Girls...etc.

Remember them?

Oh, and we used to memorize all the lyrics for those groups. Like, I have all five H.O.T albums memorized perfectly (even the stupid little things that aren't even written on the booklet), and can dance to Warrior's Descendent, Candy, We Are The Future, Happiness, Line Up, Hope, Git it Up, IYAH, and Outside Castle (Mostly Woohyuk and Heejun's parts because I was the 'best dancer' but mainly because I can't sing for life).

Don't even get me started on all the other Kpop groups...

We had a lot of time on our hands, now that I think about it.

And this is silly but I actually started to learn the dances for DBSK and memorize all their lyrics. But DBSK is put on hold momentarily by my hip-hop, rapping revival. I'm actually pretty good at DT and have most of Return of the Tiger (Korean Version) done. I'm working on I Want You right now...

check out DT's musics videos here:
Current Mood: nostalgic

20th February 2006

11:13am: Ahhh...Winter break...<3
I really, really, REALLY love vacations! Ah, slept until 10 today after watching a super, duper long marathon of My Girl! Kyah! I <3 JungWoo! OMG, he's uber hot! And I spent like an hour saving a bajillion Junki pictures on my computer. All totally worth it.

Now I have to do atleast some of my Spanish and Bio. I swear, if I don't do it all now, I'm going to be pulling all-nighters like everyday until that darn project is handed in. It just so much work. Maybe after watching a bit more My Girl...
Current Mood: content

19th February 2006

4:48pm: Yay!
OMG. I finally have a lj. I mean, I've been meaning to make one for like the past year or something...(or ever since I saw my friend's lj). Now that I've spent like two hours on making this lj presentable, I guess I should start my bio homework. The Bio Nazi gave out another pile of work. It's absolutely ridiculous. I mean, how am I ever going to finish a lab, a newspaper for protists, two work packets, and study for a quiz all by Monday? Not to mention all that darn Spanish work that'll probably take like another bajillion hours...

hmmm...I should probably start my homework except I want to watch this stupid Korean Drama. Dammit! It's uber fustrating. What the heck?! The girl has like the hottest guy in love with her and she's all obsessed with this other stuck-up prick who's supposed to be her cousin! Augh...(이준기 너무 멋있는거 아냐?)

뭐, 믹키유천 만큼은 아니지만...우와! 믹키 넘멋있어! 헉, 혹시 사랑? Nah, more like an infatuation, I think?

너무나 이쁜 수진이가...<3
(haha, jk!)
Current Mood: cheerful
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